To understand who this French singer is, we must first look into his past. 

Gabriel Tumbak was born in Annecy, France, in 1989 as early as he can remember, Gabriel has been contaminated by the music bug.  From singing competitions to castings or other private shows, Gabriel Tumbak’s pure and crystal clear voice innately revealed itself.  Wholeheartedly supported by his family, he took an active interest for his passions: music and singing.  He also learned to play various instruments such as the piano, the guitar and the saxophone.

In 2006, his path crossed with Julien Thomas, a seasoned, professional composer for Universal Music and producer for the label TMP Recordings.  Despite Gabriel’s young age, the team at TMP Recordings detected his artistic potential and recommended intensive vocal technique coaching.

In 2014, Gabriel Tumbak was noticed by Avi Newmark, an American producer of several albums in the Chassidic world such as the illustrious Dovid Gabay and Benny Friedman.  Overwhelmed by emotion from the quality and the power of Gabriel's voice, Avi Newmark decided to produce a single called "Kol Aneshama".  After several weeks, the track rose to the top ten of renowned New York radio station Nachum Segal, hosted by another radio celebrity, Yossi Zweig with whom he has become friends.  Avi Newmark  also supported him on a cover of Eyal Golan's celebrated "Malchei Hamelachim" thus reinforcing the young artist's growing fame. 

Back from New York in 2015, and after having experimented with several other tracks in order to polish his own musical style, Gabriel Tumbak decided the time had come to entrust his musical productions to TMP Recordings, with advice from Julien Thomas, now a close and faithful friend. With him at his side, Gabriel released his first true single: "Keshem Sheani".  Mastered at Sterling Sound in New York, the track soared to the top of the charts and was elected among the year's three best songs by Yossi Zweig in the famed American magazine Mishpacha.
In the wake of this, Gabriel published several covers close to his heart such as Birckart Chupa or Bereshit Olam over the social networks.

Late 2015, Gabriel Tumbak decided to contact Israeli superstar Gad Elbaz to suggest a featuring on his next single: "Rise Again (Betifara)".  TMP Recordings facilitated the studio session between both artists for the vocal recordings.

A mix of Progressive House over Electro beat, carried by a mighty acid bass and mesmerizing synth pad: here is the recipe of this new audacious and ever so efficient track that heralds a hit: "Rise Again (Betifara)".